Alysa Van Haastert | Ali and Voice 4

Alysa  feels honoured to be a part of telling this story. The stories that are most important to Alysa are ones that give ‘voice to the voiceless’; stories that touch on human rights, bullying or beauty within struggle. Alysa feels blessed to be bringing this awareness across Canada through one of her passions: acting! Born and raised near Rimbey, AB, Alysa moved to Rosebud, AB in 2007 where she studied acting for 4 years at Rosebud School of the Arts. Selected credits include The Road to Mecca, Queen Milli of Galt, $38,000 For a Friendly Face (Rosebud Theatre), You Are Here (Shram-a-Lam Productions) and The Turn of the Screw (Woven Bridges Productions).  Alysa could not be doing this without the love of her Abba and her supportive family and friends. She prays this story moves you to action and reminds you that you, too, have a name, a voice and a story.